The Hands and the Head

18 Paintings

On the same level as other accomplished artists of his generation, Giuseppe Fabris also inhabits and utilizes through his know-how and his self assurance a multitude of different medias. His only goal is a specific expressive requirement, he strives to deepen his practice of drawing, painting, sculpture as well as video, photography and performance art.

It would be hard to deny or not recognize such use of the techniques of language and the moving condition of the esthetic structures and of the artistic status of contemporaneity. In his work, the significance (and the definition) of « eclecticism » assumes a positive value in relationship with knowledge. In that sense, the pictorial work presented in this show, in the effervescent and dynamic space of the Museaav in Nice, can only show one meaningful side, or segment, of Giuseppe Fabris’ directions.

Beginning for instance by the arrangement and the hanging: to think and order a closed sequence under the unique apparently « aseptic » angle of space. To indicate and suggest to visitors a linear reading path. And to invite him to discover the elaborate confusion between the pictures and the black and white figures inside a composition frame which condense, regroup and echo through each surface. Through a drawing or a structure, which reminds and quotes in some ways cartoons and the graphics of comics. In the end this is about stories and tales. Fragments and slices of life which can be saved from being repressed.

And the strength of concentration expressed and highlighted in the master piece of the show: a unique square and isolated canvas which represents in an indissoluble braiding the Hands and the Head of the child-artist.

Roberto Daolio