Silenzio errante


Work in progress
18 paintings on canvas 130 cm by 190 cm

Silence is the representation of a wandering urban drift choice of a palette of images of everyday life.

Common situations are here détournées by filtering coloristic and support crude jute*.

A felted landscape and mysterious, identifiable places, buildings, and people sign panels all suspended in an “image in the making” between presence and absence.

The city is considered here as a series of moments of remembrance, a succession of images and different places are translated here, after a careful choice and personal, in a representative image of the city itself.

A winding path accompanied by the silence and the light that shapes the parts of the pictorial composition.

The texture of the south of the world meets here the picture almost impressed the West as a hologram balanced, ephemeral, harmonious.

* India and Bangladesh are the largest producers of jute canvas.