Portogallo 2003

Portugal 2003. A work consisting of 13 photos of various formats, set in a line on the ground as subjects/objects, but raised about 3 cms high, as if they were hanging.

A solitary winter walk on a beach in Portugal, a new place to me then, during one of my many trips.
After being drawn to the slow changing motion of the clouds and the lively ballet of the waves, after being absorbed in the infinite and the horizon,my eyes alight on something much closer, this pearl-coloured carpet under my feet.
In a handful of sand, I found another innumerable infinity, like tiny rocks all different, but which together made up a precious whole.

As my eyes went on wandering, they came across something which broke the harmony : alien objects which were much too regular and geometrical to be a part of this environment.

They were mostly plastic objects, and as I looked more closely at the beach, I realized that in several places, it was strewn with them. They were set there as if they were sculptures, as if they were there to be admired, and I did admire them.

This seascape can be seen in most beaches I have seen, not only in Portugal.