Title : Archeology for our time. 1995

I have always been interested in the technique of engraving, chiefly because of its random character.
It can be a long, laborious process, whose final result only appears after printing.

So, I have elaborated on this technique working from a black and white photocopy and using trichloroethylene (which I wouldn’t recommend to anybody, since this chemical, used in synthetic paints, is suspected of being a human carcinogen).
This is ‘instant’ engraving, as the chemical dissolves and the ink settles on the paper.
The shapes I have chosen become sketches for sculptures which will be made of different materials.
The base (feet or legs) will be made of quarry stone, in its rough unpolished state, similar to the spear heads of our ancestors, and will support a virtual ethereal image, such as a hologram.